Skin Care Routine Basics

Your skin care routine does not have to be so complicated. The order that you apply your products makes a huge difference in your skin. Why buy the product if you're not going to use it the correct way? Here’s a quick run down



Your cleanser should always the first product you use. The cleanser will cleanser away any dirt, debris, or excess oil on the skin. Any people make the assumption that using regular bar soap will work great on their skin. Here’s the reality, the bar soaps may lead to more clogged pores and even dry out your skin even more. The cleanse creates a clean surface to apply you additional skin care products


Cleansers we offer include

Dry Skin – Honeybee Cleanser

All Skin – Watermelon Cleanser

Sensitive Skin – Lavender Cream Cleanser

OilyKale Cleanser

Oily, Acne – Charcoal Mint 

Blemish – Turmeric Lemon Cleanser            



There are many different mask including sheet, clay, gel, and cream mask. Picking out the perfect one for your skin will give you long lasting benefits to the skin. Face mask should be left on of 5-15 minutes. Before trying one its best advised to patch test. Once you remove your face mask use a toner to lock in the benefits of your mask

Cucumber Clay Mask

Watermelon Gel Mask

Papaya Enzyme Mask

Turmeric Mask  

Charcoal Mint Mask



After you cleanse your skin the next step is to use your toner. People who benefit te most from toners are those who have acne and oily prone skin. Can you believe most people skip toners. They have the assumption that it has little to no use. In actuality toners are great, they help restore the skins pH, adds a layer of protection, and it removes any debris that weren’t completely removed from cleansing.

Toners we offer

All skin – Calming Toner

Acne, Oily – Willow Bark Toner

Dry Skin – Rose Water Toner

All Skin – Lavender Micellar Water



Serums are like a treatment to the skin. They are to be used both morning and evening. Serums contain antioxidants that are wonderful to the skin. Serums can boost the hydrating effect of your moisturizer. We have some neat serums coming soon so be on the lookout.

- Rose Hyaluronic Serum

 Eye Cream

Eye creams are so important. Many people believe that it should only be used on older people, but the earlier you start taking care of your skin the better itll look in your old age. Eye creams help to maintain the health of your eye lid and keeps it having a smooth appearance.

-Rose Eye Cream


 All skin should be moisturized even oily skin. All our skin requires some hydration especially in the winter and summer weather. Once you apply your serum immediately apply your moisturizer to lock in the moisture.

Dry Skin – Honeybee Moisturizer                                                               

All Skin Type – AHA Moisturizer

Oily Combination - Clarifying Moisturizer

Sensitive Skin- Lavender Moisturizer 


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